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Upper Medway

Commencing at Hartfield, this section consists of a series of streams, the main river system, the Grom and a section of the Ham from the Road Bridge, all of which come together at Ham Farm.

All this section is streamy with fast sections, riffles and slow meanders with deep pools.

Its natural state with little sign of any foot traffic or interference with bankside vegetation offers a challenge to the discerning angler. Travel light with fly, spinner or trotting is the order of the day.

Species from brown trout both indigenous and introduced, grayling, perch, chub, dace and the odd roach and pike. Rainbows occaisionally appear and have been taken to 5lb, although we do not stock these fish the river does appear to their liking.

Below Ham Farm the river widens out and gradually slows as it winds its way through picturesque countryside and arable fields.

Although there are fewer fast sections all species can be found, including some carp and barbel.

River Teise

The Teise is generally a fast flowing stream at Lamberhurst Village and through the adjoining golf course. Further downstream the river flows through the Scotney Castle Estate to Finchcocks.

Good chub, roach, perch and pike, plus the odd trout can be found in this ideal stalking venue; travel light and enjoy a beautiful stretch of water in the lush Kent countryside.

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